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Every tried to find a sport but couldn't find one that was right for you? Well I have and if you answerd yes than I know what you have been through. But, I found the pefect sport for me, volleyball. Volleyball is so much fun and awsome. If you are woundering "How do yo play it?" well you have come to the right place. Read on to the next paragraph to find out what volleyball is about.

How do you Play Volleyball?

The way you play vollleyball is ,first, you need to get a team of at least six players. Then, you need to assign places on the volleyball court and possistion like setter,spiker,ect.Then,you need a coach and anouther team to play aginst. Also you need to learn how to hit,spike, set,block,and serve. There are a lot more things to do in volleyball but you will learn them throught your volleyball jorney and have fun and be safe.

Girls lined up

Volleyball Girls lined up by Hobs 21 on commons.wikimedia.org CC-BY


A bunch of volleyballs by Senior Airman Rusty Framk public domain commons.wikimedia.org

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