Combat is an essentail part of minecraft. How else will you kill the hostile mobs? (And mobs like pigs and cows for food.) This is the combat section of my website!

stone sword

"Ancient Nord Sword" by Marco Hazard is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

General Tips

Overworld mobs


Zombies are probably one of the easiest mobs to fight. They are very simple creatures. The key to fighti1`2q11ng them is to try to keep your distance. Make sure you're close enough to hit them, but not close enough for them to hit you.


Skeletons are very easy to fight, if you have the proper equipment. If you read the general tips then you know about the shield. If you have a shield, skeletons basically can't damage you. If you put a shield in your off-hand and hold right click, you'll be able to take no damage from arrows, and most hits from mobs. This makes fighting skeletons easier.


Creepers are one of the most notorious mobs in minecraft, and one of the most challenging ones to fight. If you get too close to a creeper, it will explode after a few seconds, but you if you get away from the creeper before it explodes, it's explosion charge-up will reset. Knowing this, I believe that the best strategy for fighting creepers is to hit them one time with your sword having no "cooldown" on it to maximize damage, and then go backwards. This is sort of like strafing, but instead of going left and right around your opponets, you go forwards and backwards. If you want to watch a video for a better idea, click here.

Spiders/Cave Spiders

Spiders are one of my least favorite mobs. Spiders do a good amount of damage, have a good amount of hp, and like real spiders, can climb over things. This means that if you make a wall around your base, spiders will be able to climb over and get to your base. Spiders can also jump at you. Cave spiders are like spiders, but they have less hp and can only spawn in caves and mineshafts. You might think cave spiders would be easier to fight but in my opinion they aren't. Cave spiders are small meaning they have a small hitbox, and they also can poison you if they hit you.(Poison is a Minecraft effect that causes you to lose hp every second until you get to half a heart.) The key to fighting spiders/cave spiders is like mixing the strategy for fighting zombies and skeletons. Once you see one, you should hold out a shield, and once they hit you, you hit them back. You want to trade hits, but make sure you are blocking with your shield when they hit you.


Silverfish are spawned when you break an infested block, and they have a small chance to spawn when you break cobblestone. Silverfish are tied with endermites as the smallest mobs of the game, so they only have a little amount of hp and do a small amount of damage.


Endermen are my least favorite overworld mob to fight. Basically all you can do against them is block with your shield, because they usually teleport away from your attacks. It's sad that you have to kill endermen to finish the game. You should try to kill endermen the same way as spiders, by treading hits. Endermen can also be hurt by water, so the only way you'll see endermen in the rain is if they have cover.


Slimes can deal a decent amount of damage, and each time you kill one, it turns into 2 smaller ones. A good tip would be that if there are a lot of smaller ones, to try to attract 1 or 2 to you at a time to not risk dying.


I have personally only seen one phantom, but they are easy to fight, if you need to fight them at all. Phantoms will only appear if you have not slept for 3 minecraft nights, so if you sleep, then you won't have to fight these slightly annoying mobs.


There are 3 types of jockeys in minecraft, spider jockeys (A skeleton on a spider.), A chicken jockey (A baby zomie on a chicken.), and a wolf jockey. (A zombie on a wolf.)


Raids aren't mobs. Raids are activated when you get the bad omen effect (By killing a raid captain.) then sleeping in a village. You could also activate a raid by killing a raid captain in a village. Raids mob's are pillagers, evokers, witches, ravagers, and vindicators. Raids are best completed with a group of people.

Nether Mobs

Wither Skeletons

Wither skeletons are a buffed version of the skeleton. Wither skeletons have stone swords instead of bows, have far more H.P., do far more damage, are faster, and inflict the wither effect. (The wither effect does damage every second until you die.) The strategy to fighting them is the same as the spider strategy.

Magma Cubes

Magma cubes are like slimes, but........ I think they're lava resistant???


Blazes are really annoying. Especially when you have to fight more than one at a time. Blazes shoot projectiles like skeletons, but they set you on fire, and they shoot 3 in succetion. The key is to block all 3 shots, then land 1 or 2 hits on them. I usually block 6 shots in total per blaze.

Zombie Pigmen

Zombie pigmen are kind of annoying. Zombie pigmen won't attack you unless you attack them, but the thing is they spawn in groups, and once you attack one, all zombie pigmen in the nether will try to kill you. They key is to not hit one, and if you do, you should probably never go back to the nether.


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"LEGO Minecraft Ender Dragon (3-scale)" by BRICK 101 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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