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What do you do for fun?

Free time

Alot of peoples favorite things to do in their free time is basket ball out side or any sport and yes I like that to but I really love reading, writing, drawing or listening to music and of corse playing video games.


Music, If you just read my last paragraph you would know that I love music but I love it so much that I am going to talk about it again.I love that each song is different,I play the clairentet and its very fun, somtimes its difficullt but when I get really good it will be worth it.I love when I can just rock out to music when im stressed to calm me down. So the next time your stressed try listening to calming music or whatever you would like there are alot to choose from.


The sorce that I found this picture on was commons wikimedia.org.The auther is Yamaha Cororation. And finally the licensing is cc-by-sa

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