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Remington's Battle Royal Addiction

In this passage I will show you four battle royale games I love, and along with three facts with each one.



UploadWizard public domain

1. Fortnite (Battle Royal) was made July 25, 2017

2.Fortnite was made by Epic games

3.The idea of fortnite was created by Darren Sugg

Pub G


BagoGames Some rights reserved

1.PubG was made in March 23, 2017

2.Was made by bluehole and PubG corporation

3.The idea of PubG was created by Tom Salta

Black Ops 4


Trearch/Activision Public domain

1.Black ops 4 was made in October 12, 2018

2.The people who developed Black ops 4 is Treyarch

3.The designer of Black ops 4 is David Vanderhaar


H1Z1 Public Domain

1.H1Z1 was made in February 28, 2018

2.The devolper of H1Z1 is NantG and Daybreak Game company

3.The idea of H1Z1 was created by Cris Velasco.

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