Strike Fighters

Strike fighters are aircraft made for Air-to-Surface combat with missle that are made to destroy tanks, battleships and buildings.


A-10 Warthog

One of the most famous strike fighter is the A-10 Warthog,the A-10 warthog is a air-to-surface fighters with a top speed of 420 mph.The A-10 warthog has a great service record with still being in service after 50 years.The A-10 has a design so that if half of the wing,tail and only one engine operational it still can fly and incenerate the enemy with its GAU-8/a avenger gatling gun.The main gun uses a high explosive incendeary round that penetrate someof the worlds toughest of armor.

F-14 Tomcat

The retired F-14 Tomcat was one of the most famous navy aircraft.The f-14 was used by the navy for launching aircraft off aircraft carriers.The f-14 tomcat has two missle holding area on the end of the wings.One thing the f-14 is known for is it's abillity to extend and retract the wing for many different situations.This plane also has a 20mm m61 Vulcan rotary cannon

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