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Welcome to my guide to caring for bearded dragons! Whether you're looking towards obtaining a bearded dragon or you already have one and you want to know if he or she's happy, here is how you take care of your amazing reptile! Bearded dragons are usually the most sought-after starting reptiles, or more specifically lizard.

Bearded Dragons are usually calm and you're able to hold them, although don't think can get one for free by finding a stray, similar to how you could with cats or dogs. These lizards can bite and would not like have anthing to do with you! Other than their wild form, bearded dragons are wonderful creatures of our world. Plus how cool would it be to say you have a pet dragon, and be telling the truth?!

Bearded Dragon Showing Its Teeth

Bearded Dragon's Teeth by Kitenutuk from CC-BY-SA.

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