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Melanie Martienez

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Melanie Martienez has been my idol for 4 years straight! I have always loved her new songs, Her new hairstyles, and the way she dresses! Melanie's songs are something I listen to on a daily. I love like her whole Album crybaby and K-12. K-12 Is my favourite only because a lot of them have meanings aka deep meanings. A lot of people don't like Melanie just because of her gapped tooth and I feel like thats just rude, Like you don't like her just because of her tooth? That really isn't a vaild reason.

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People's Opinions

Melanie Martinez has made a name for herself in the music industry. The Alternative music, pastel colors, child-like concepts, and positive personality are all key parts in why she's so successful. Melanie currently has 2 albums and an EP. She is also known for her two-toned hairstyles. Martinez's look, which centers around the Cry Baby theme, uses everything from her many music videos, to her hair and makeup, to her stage setup to evoke a childlike demeanor. Other artists have done concept albums, but she's taking it to new heights.