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Top Songs

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Melanie's top songs are Dollhouse, Crybaby, and Play Date. Those are 3 tops songs people could know Melanie by.


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I was introducted to Melanie because of the song "Dollhouse". I felt like I was attached to Dollhouse so I played on repeat. I listen to other songs and didn't realize it was the same artist, so from there I listened to a bunch of her songs.


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Crybaby was a song some people felt emotional on and think they relate a lot. Crybaby is named after her album crybaby. Her name in her story is "Crybaby". When she was younger a lot of people called her crybaby, so she decided to make her album "Crybaby".


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Play date is a song some people know just from TikTok. Play date was popular on tiktok and a lot people made edits, music videos, fanmade stuff, and more! Playdate was a song people created more stuff with. Playdate is only popular because of a popular edit that someone made on tiktok I don't know their user but they used a person named "Timothée Chalamet" for the edit. People went Bonkers and just jammmed to it. This was the second song that got famous on tiktok from Melanie that I know of. Her first popular song on tiktok was "Soap" only because of the soap trend.