Best Madden 20 Teams To Play As

Madden History

Hello Welcome To My Website It Will Be About Madden 20

Madden 20 Is A Fun Game That Is About Football

Madden 20 Cover

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I Like Madden 20 Because I Love Football And Also The Game Is A Good Time Waster.

New Content On Madden 20

What Does Madden 20 Have Thats Different From Madden 19 You May Ask? Madden 20 Has A New Thing Called X-Factors.

Madden 20 X-Factors

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X-Factors Give The Player Special Abilities That Make Them Stand Out.

Madden Ultimate Team

New Madden's Always Come Out With Ultimate Team

Madden 20 Ultimate Team

Madden Ultimate Team Is Where You Collect Cards Then With The Cards You Collected You Can Go Againts A CPU Or A Real Person.

SuperStar KO

Something New With Madden 20 Is SuperStar KO. SuperStar KO Is A Game Mode Where You Pick 3 Players That Have X-Factors. The Rarities Are Lengendary,Ulta , Rare, And Common. In SuperStar KO You Play Other Players If You Score It Is The Other Players Turn If They Dont Score They Loose You Get A New Round To Pick 1 More Player Or You Can Steal One Player From The Other Team. You Do This To 7 Teams But You Still Have To Play One More Game This Time You Dont Draft One More Player. The Championship Game Is The Last Game You Play You Get A Lot Of Rewards In-Game For Winning The Championship Game.