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I like to write, it is a great way to express creativity. Making stories for readers and audiences, is really fun and exctiting. You get to see all the people that enjoy your book. I will be talking about writing of course. Although it is fun, it requires great dedication and determination. There are going to be ups and downs, but thats not to say what is great about writing a novel.


Writing tools by Pete O' Kalay from CC-BY-ND 2.0

What's Great About it

One thing that really stands out in writing, is the creativity. You get to expand and experiment with different stories and point of view, to find out what you are good at. It will take some work, but if you put emotion and realistic charecteristics, than you can put as much creativity into a book as you want. You also get to build a community, and share your stories with the world. That is what I want to do with this website. Making your audience happy, and leave them with satisfaction of a good book. It really is great to make others happy with great stories.

The Struggle

Many times in the writing process, your going to feel like your the worst writer in the world. This is normal, every now and then, your going to experience this. If your choosing this path, just because of fame, this is not for you. As I said it takes great dedication and hard work, so be prepared. It will be difficult, and you need to be prepared. It is fun, but it's the end goal that your trying to reach. Your working every step of the way, to finish that story. It is worth it, seeing a master piece that you have created. Not everyone is going to like your decision to choose writing, and not everyone is going to like your story. You have to ignore them, because this is your passion, and you don't want them to bring you down. And once you agree with them, then you have given up, and I trust that you won't give up. Becuase that is what writers do.

The End Goal

You are working to make a great story. You are going to enjoy writing, but you need a few things to make a good end goal. First, you need to have great imagery. Every good book as good imagery, and you need to have it too. It makes a book way more enjoyable, and easier to read for a wide range of audiences. Second, you need good charecter devolepment. You can't jump into a story without any expostion. The charecters are the most imporant part of a book, and the reader needs to connect with them. They need to experience like there with them, and charecter build is a great way to get started. One last thing, is pacing. Pacing determines how long your book will be, and generally how fast and slow it goes. In fast secens like a explosion, you need fast paced words. Same goes with slow, but use slow words. You don't want constant action, then it will feel rushed and unfinished. If it's to slow then it's boring, so you need to balance it out. And once you find that perfect pace, then your book will be way more enjoyable for multiple audiences.

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