Ruth Wakefield

The inventor of Chocolate Chip Cookies!

For this Woman's History Month I would like to recognize Ruth Wakefield. She was the inventor of Chocolate chip cookies. She invented one of the worlds most tastiest cookies that everyone such as kids and adults like. Ruth was known as the Cookie Qween.Ruth lived in a wonderful house in which they served homecooked meals and even a place to stay over night to trvelers. She and her husband named their lovely home The Toll House Inn. .

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10 interesting facts about Ruth Wakefield are...

  1. She was born in 1903 and then died in 1977.
  2. In 1924 she had attended Farmingham State Normal School of Household Arts
  3. She later than became a Dietitian.
  4. Ruth married Kenneth Donald Wakefield(1897-1997)
  5. Ruth and her husband had a house which they had called the Toll House Inn which was for travelers to have a homecooked meal and even a place to sleep in.
  6. The original inn burned down in 1984.
  7. Ruth did not actually intend to create chocolate chip cookies
  8. Ruth wanted to create some chocolate cookies for her travelers but she ran out of chocolate so she put in some chocolate chips inside the cookie hoping it would melt into a chocolate cookie and when she took it out the oven she was suprised to find that she had made chocolate chip cookies
  9. At the time she had called her chocolate chip cookies the "Toll House Crunch Cookies"
  10. Ruth Wakefield had an agreement with Andrew Nestle saying that if would put her recipe in the bags, she would get a lifetime of Nestle chocolate chips
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    Why people should recognize Ruth Wakefield

    I believe my peers should learn more about her because they still dont really know that she was the woman who invented delicious chocolate chip cookies. Without her invention of tasty chocolate chip cookies which was really a mistake would never have been invented.