Rhinoceroses are grazing mammal that live in the southern regions of Africa. they are the second-largest land mammal next to the elephant. there are five species of rhino, but two of them are critically endangered, which means that they are almost extinct.

Rhinoceroses are most well-known for their horns. Their horns can range from 19-35 inches. Their horns are made out of keritain, which is the same material as our hair and fingernails.Unfortunatly, poachers have killed more than 2,000 rhinoceroses in the last decade and took their horns. In Aisa, people have always believed that their horns could cure diseases, such as fevers, hangovers, and even cancer.

Rhinos can live anywhere from Africa and Aisa. Lets meet some of them.


This Photo was taken by Ben_Kerckx at pixabay.com. CC0

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