MILES: My Website

Hi, name is Miles, I am an aspiring actor. I love to read, play video games, Scuba Dive, and watch movies or Netflix Shows. Enjoy the website, and scroll down to find out more about me. ________________________________________________________



9 years

I have been acting for as far as I can remember, I'm a movie buff and I love musical theater., CC0

Video Games

6 years

I have been playing video games for several years, I started with a Wii and now I play on a ps4 so yeah.

Ricinator,, CC0


2 years

A couple a years ago I was introduced to an anime and I started to get into it, and basically, I have watched a whole vaiety of different anime series since then.


Key Lime Pie ^^


Key Lime Pie is an easy-to-make, tart, delicious pie that is great for any type of occasion. Can make for a truly sweet summer