Guide to Playing the Ukulele

The Ukulele is a member of the lute family, it resembles a small guitar and has four strings. This guide will teach you the basics of playing the Ukulele.

Learn About Different Strings and Parts of the Ukulele

Learn How to Play Different Chords

Three Ukuleles
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How to Hold the Ukulele

  • Use your left hand to grab the neck (the part that sticks out of the body) . Your thumb should be on the back of the neck while the rest of the fingers are touching the strings
  • Your right hand is holding the body of the Ukulele, bend your right arm at the elbow. The wrist shouldn’t be in a awkward position
  • If you have a strap then it will be easier to hold the Ukulele while standing up
  • Strumming

    There are two ways you can strum the Ukulele

    1. The most recommended way to strum the uke (ukulele) is by pressing your index finger and thumb together. The top of the nail on your index finger should be touching the strings while the nail of your thumb is also touching the strings

    2. Another way you can strum the uke is by strumming with your thumb, but it’s better to learn how to strum with your index finger because you can learn more uke tricks by using this method

    When you strum, strum the area where the neck overlaps with the body of the uke

    Learn About Different Strings and Parts of the Ukulele


    When you play the Uke your index finger is called "Finger 1", your middle finger is "Finger 2", your ring finger is "Finger 3", and the little finger is "Finger 5". When you strum all the strings on the Uke you play chord. When you press different frets spaces then you get different chords. Fret 1 is the fret space closest to the nut of the uke and Fret 14 is the farthest from the nut. When you play different chords you use differenct fingerings some can feel more strange than others.

    Learn How to Play Different Chords

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