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Feb 5 2020

i3 Learn Student Saves Life

During the incident when a lady was choking at a movie theater, the 8th grader Sophia Griffin jumped into action and used the Heimlich maneuver after learning it from her health class, Mr. Amelburu’s class to save someone’s life while choking on popcorn. Then, Sophia Griffin and Mr.A were interviewed after the event...

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Feb 5 2020

Save Your Drama for Drama Club

We heard that Mr. Pangel, in charge of drama club might be having a class next year. We interviewed some Kids in drama too see why it should or shouldn't be a class...

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Feb 5 2020

Memes, Riddles, and More!

Fun! Fun! Fun!

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Feb 5 2020

Basketball Legend and Daughter Die

Kobe Bean Bryant sadly died in helicopter crash...

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