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Welcome I am going to teach you how to cook without breaking my religious rules

Hello! My name is Pari,Welcome to my cooking page.I created this website because it is hard to make food taste good without breaking my religion.My religion is called Swaminarayan. We have many temples and one of the most common temples is the Robinsville one. Since I am Swaminarayan I can't have Onion,garlic,egg,any type of meat,and I can't eat out.

People who are Swaminarayan can't have onion and garlic because it is considered tamo-gun which means a state of darkness, ignorance, anger, and laziness. For example when a person is in deep sleep they have no control over themself. foods that increaseTamo-gun are known as tamsic. Onion and garli are tamsic food. They make people angry, hateful, and lazy. We don't eat meat because we don't think it is right for people to kill animals just for the tate. Our god always says If we kill animals we will be punished in this life or the next. We don't eat egg because it is not considered completely vegetarian. We don't eat out at a restaurant because we don't know the people cooking our food or their life. If they have a polluted mind with bad thoughts and we eat the food they made our minds will also become polluted. Also it countains onion, garlic,and egg.

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