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My Style๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ‘—

My style is a casual style and I like to look put together. I sometimes like to dress a little more fancy and maybe wear a skirt and sweater. I can have my good and bad style days just like everyone else. Here's a few stores i reccomend that i buy clothes from on the daily. One of my favorite stores is Jc Penny's, they have all types of clothing there, I get my more casual, daily clothes from there. They have a good selection of shirts, along with lots of jeans. Another store I love is Zumiez, I like to get my more edgy, and brand clothes from there. Zumiez is a more expensive store but my clothes last a long time, because the clothes are more loose fitting. Another store I reccomend is Forever 21, they have all different types of clothing there. I like to get my sweaters and long sleeveed shirts from there. They have a wide selection of clothing.