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My Report (Eng.) (^o^)


My name is Emilie Cooper, today I would like to thank OCAC (Overseas Compatriot Affairs Council) for organizing the SCLP summer camp! I think this was a very good opportunity, and my chinese drastically improved. I made a lot of friends too! My friends live in France, Switzerland, Canada, the United States, Germany, and Italy. At camp we learned Chinese together every day, and went out shopping! My favorite event was our weekly trip, because it gave us the opportunity to bond with our new friedns and explore Taiwan. We got to go to many places! We went to Taipei 101, the Shilin night market, Sun Moon Lake, and Xitou Bamboo Forest! Also, everyday we got more time to band with our friends during freetime. During this time, my new friends and I would go to buy things, sometimes drink bubble tea, or go to the night market. The councilors at this camp were also the best! All of the counselors were very funny and nice. My counselor would always help us do our homework and help us prepare for various competitions. There were many typed of competition. There was a singing contest, a storytelling contest, basketball competition, volleyball competition, and speech contest. I learned a lot of cool songs too! I even got to learn about the french rapper JUL from my french friends! In the end, even though there was a lot of hard work, and the weather was warm and humid, I still had a good time at summer camp! Next year I'm planning on going again!


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