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What does this website do?

This site will be the home of future games, game download links, and other things created by Visky Jam Games. If you have questions, a forum will be up soon! Until then, Stay Tuned for Lore, Concept Art, and other things here on the Daily Cattlepillar!


The word is that alot of Lore can be found on the Prizmatics page. Not alot, of course. If I did too much, it would spoil many games.

Click Here to go to Prizmatics List!

Check out my first ever text-based combat game. Well, its more of a "concept" for the actual game. Regardless, here's a hyperlink to the program. Hope you enjoy!

NOTE: Does not work for now, please try again late.

I have started a UnderTale Let's Play (for my friend). But, if you are intrested, episode one's link is below.

Click Here for UnderScott EP.1

About the Deson Chronicles

The Deson Chronicles is a Mythos created by Visky Jam (me) that encompasses 12 different games, comics, and even card games that tell the story of the Prizmatics, Lumino, Ellrea, and everything inbetween.

What does Deson Mean?

Deson is the name of a rock elemental species that have been around for eons. They exist everywhere in the Gaiaverse, spreading a mineral known as Desonite. This mineral has the ability to generate life, be used to help mortals use magic, and is powerful enough that the city of Aethoria (Universe 3 a.k.a the "Sky World" game) could float in the sky.