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How to Draw people


  • draw a cercal, its the head
  • then draw a half of an olvo and thats the head
  • then the neck,
  • draw sholders,
  • the chest
  • stomach
  • hips
  • then go back up to the sholders
  • draw a rectangol, for the forearm
  • then a cercal for the elbow
  • draw another rectangol but a litte longer
  • go back down to the hips
  • draw another rectangol but wider
  • draw a cercal for the knee
  • draw another rctangol for the shen
  • then a small cercal for the ancol
  • you can out line it but dont out line the lines in the body
  • that is the bacic body out line
  • you can go back to the vedoe on the home page any time, to refer back to it