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Halo 5 Infection Stratagies

Fabian Garcia

I know a lot about halo 5 so I can help you.


Take advantage of other peoples movements

example: if many people are in one spot separate yourself from the group and throw a gernade at them to get infected attention

Credit to >Eagle Precursor

Dont Be That One Person

Yeah I see you over there yeah... dont be that person there are some limits to the raging...hopefully, I understand needing to do something or just wanting to play a different game but you dont need to rage quit it's just a game dont be that one person that throws their controller because they got killed...

(you need limits kid.)

The Clan Troller

I personally love these types of people what they do is go in clan recruitments and troll the heck out of these people. Also they mostly are better than the clan leader and go around asking to let them out of the cell and kill them and the clan leader and nobod else can't kill them.