Sources of Strength

What is soucres of strength

Sources of strength is a programe that trys to make communites happy and positive. It trys to to help people in a community feel welcome and hopful and just create a nice environment for kids and others to learn and live. This program also helps kids with their mental health with the goal of having kids feel belonging and community.

What are peer leader

A peer leader is an average person who knows about sources and helps people in there comunity. These people can be anything from a student to an adult who just wants to help out.

Becoming a peer leader

To become a web leader you do not have to be a certified councilor or an emotional expert, you just have to be someone that cares and wants to join the sources club

What are the sources

The sources is a strength that everyone has that not everyone uses and knows about. These are the strengths that keep you safe from bullies and mean people.

Family support
Positive friends
Healthy ativitys
Phisical health
Mental health

Some of the upcoming event in sources of strength

some of the upcoming events in sources of strength are:

Day without Hate

Day without hate is a student led program that promotes kindness and nonviolence in our school systems. Day without hate was invented by the News Paper Crew at Standley Lake High School after the school shooting in virginia Tech in 2007. Since then day with out hate has traveld to every state in the country and several other countries. To think it was all started right hear in Colorado.
Valintines day is coming up so get ready for an aswome time of fun, frendship and joy