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Madison's Website

Hi! My name is Madison and this website is about me!

My Favorite Things To Do

One of my favorite things to do is make crafts. I always try to find something that I can turn into a craft. Another thing that I love to do is take walks and exploring in the woods,or just being outside. I also love to play sports and ride four-wheelers, but my most favorite things to do are going hunting and going to archery shoots with my dad...

Beautiful woods

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My Hunting Experiences

When I was six years old I told my dad that I wanted to go hunting with him, so he got me a crossbow and I started practicing. At first I was frustrated because I couldn't hit the target where I was supposed to be, on the first three trys. One the fourth time I finally started hitting where I was supposed to. That hunting season I filled all three of my tags. Since then I have gone hunting with my dad every deer season...

The Sports I Play

One of my most favorite sports is gymnastics. At four years old I went to Cheer Flipz Elite(CFE). I was taught how to do a cartwheel,somersaults, and roundoffs. In the next few years I learned how to do so much more and I enjoyed doing it. Another sport that I play is softball. I love running bases and I try to challenge myself to bet the ball to the base, since I'm so fast.I usually play centerfeild and I love being out there...

My Favorite Animals

I love and adore animals, I always have and always will. One of my most favorite animals is a dog. I love the way the are so loyal to their owners and most of them love to cuddle. Dogs are said to be a man's best friend and I believe it. Different kinds of dogs have different personalities. For instance, some are playful, some are cuddly, some are good family dogs, some are guard dogs, some are used for search and rescue, etc...

 Adorable dachshund

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