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Why Do people hunt?

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Archaic humans began hunting around 3 million years ago, and it has remained a part of our civilization since then. When archeologists discovered early evidence of our human ancestors' hunting activities, it became clear that adding meat to the diet meant big changes for early Homo sapiens. For example, skeleton size increased soon after, suggesting meat was important for evolution.Researchers believed early humans waited in trees for their prey to pass underneath, rather than chase after animals the way hunters in the classical and Renaissance periods generally did. Bows and arrows were a universal method of hunting, except in Australia. Hunting Men Facts Weapon choices vary, but a bow and arrow are fairly traditional Blowpipes, or blow guns, are some of the most dangerous weapons a hunter can use. The Australian boomerang, now a popular toy and tourist gift, was originally a tool used for hunting. When early humans hunted bigger game, like antelopes, they chose to eat only adults, leaving behind younger and older animals in the herd. Hunting may have helped establish traditional gender roles, as males were forced to learn to hunt more efficiently in order to feed their female mates and offspring. When agriculture was introduced about 11,000 years ago, hunting became less important as people dedicated more time to cultivating crops. Hunting is still important for people who live in areas where farming is impossible or very difficult, such as rainforests in South America or jungles in Southeastern Asia. Artemis, daughter of Zeus, was the Greek goddess of the hunt. Diana, the Roman equivalent of Artemis, guarded forests and the animals who lived there. Mixcoatl was the Aztec god of hunting. To ensure a prosperous hunting season, the Aztecs performed human sacrifices

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