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Pokemon facts,plus how to draw Eevee


Let's start out with basic a question: what IS pokemon?

Pokemon, is a thing mostly based off of aniamls that say it's name, and use moves depending on the pokemon, and flaint when they lose all their HP.

OK, NOW you might be woundering: what does HP stand for? weeellll... it stands for HIT POINTS, you will need to pay attention to this in battle. PLUS those new to Pokemon, may be woundering "what's a battle?" I'll get into that later... for now I'll help to to draw Eevee!

(The other Pokemon in the picture is Pikachu: The mouse pokemon, he's on the left,Eevee:the Evoltion Pokemon, is on the Right.)

OK, for those who are NEW to Pokemon, Eevee is number 133 in the pokedex(all pokemon have a pokedex entry) Eevee is also known as the evoltion pokemon and has an unstabe genetic code witch gives it all the eeveelotions, acoreding to some of eevee's pokedex entrys(some of this is from imiges from google and some from menory from youtube) (YES pokemon have differt pokedex entrys depeding on the regen) Eevee is a rare pokemon that adapts(aka evloves) to the invitrement it's living in. ok now i'ma teach you how to draw an Eevee!

(you can also look up how to draw eevee click or tap on the video with to paper with eevee on the paper cover, in case you don't want to read the steps, nd if you rather see a video i prefur the video I would also like it cuz I think i wound be able to explain without you messing up, or click on the video after all the steps)

  1. step one: draw to lines, yes but upright and close to each other, you deside how close(be careful cuz the next step you will connet the lines) and tall they should be
  2. step two: draw a creved line at the bottum of the two lines (the creved side should be faceing the bottem of the paper)
  3. Step three: ok now let's start the ears, i would start with a line that goes out(eevee has long ears) then draw a line going back into the head and repeat don't connet the space(inbatwen the part of the ears)
  4. step four: draw the inside of her ear: do the same shape like copy it but it's smaller. plus there's a v that's connets the smaller coped(i think) shape and if you haven't already repeat inside the other ear
  5. step five: draw eevee's hair eevee's hair is spikey so draw zig-zags betten the ears they should be facing up away from the bottem. NEXT STEP!
  6. step six now lets draw the eyes: they are ovals and they are gonna be close to the sides of head and draw a smaller oval in him/her eyes close to the top so i guess it looks like she's looking up? I am unsure how to expain it. next step
  7. step seven now let's draw her eye brows there just a small line over her eye :3
  8. step 8 drawing her nose it's a dot betten her eyes close to the bottem
  9. step nine: ok so there's two ways to do the mouth you can do a line with hooks on the end to look like she's sliming or do two small us(right next to eachother)? i'm not sure how to explain(you can draw a U shape under it so it looks like it's mouth is open and do little diangle lines to there's a toung)
  10. step ten: then do a J line to the left of the head and on the other side draw a curve coming down the middle put a dot alittle lower then both of the lines (ok i don't wanna explain this part watch the video at the part 5:39 in the video where the dot is being placed and if you want watch it though from there, also i feel done tellin you who to draw an eevee so PLEASE, right not watch the video from the part said in this text)

So that's it for the drawing I geuss Please note I don't own the video the video belonges to it's orinel owner(s) also,(I should have put this eailyer) the Imagies are also not mine and they belong to their oringal owners.

(And there goes my mispelling again) ;3

(before you go to the next page I would like to show you one more image)

(It's Eevee and the Eeveeloions!)