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Veliceraptors are small carnivores that hunt in packs.Veliceraptors are dangerous and lived in the creataceous period.Veliceraptors are 60kg and are 1.8m tall.Veliceraptors hunt down small herbivores. Veliceraptors are known as speedy theif and they are bipeds.Veliceraptors lived 70-80 million years ago.There top speed is 40 miles per hour. Veliceraptors are ansistors of budgies and their cousin the deinochyous lived in Asia. Veliceraptors also have savage instincs and Veliceraptors family that they belong to is called Dromaeosauridae.They are also called raptors and lived in th dry desserts with sand dunes.There fossils are also found in Mongolia,China and Asia.In all of the jurrassic world movies Dr.Wu created these dinosaurs with veliceraptor DNA Indominous Rex,Indoraptor,Spinoraptor and Scorpious Rex.

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Rexy the Texty

Tyrannasarus Rex

The Tyrannasaurus Rex is also called the T-rex.The Tyrannasaurus was a mighty creature that had teeth as big as bananas!!The t-rex was a picky eater and was the king of dinosaurs. Tyrannosaurus Rex means 'tyrant lizard king' in Latin and Greek.The mighty t-rex lived in north America and lived in the Jurrassic period.One bite that the t-rex ate =to 100kg but after a muge meal they dont eat after a few weeks.The t-rex lived 66 million years ago and the family it belonged to was Tyrannosaurid theropod.The female t-rex was similar to ostriches and emus and the height is 4.6.The lenghth of the t-rex is 12.0 and the width of the t-rex was 1.8.