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Paralophasaurus has the biggest crest out of all of the hadrosaurs.Paralophasaurus diet was vegetation and mostly they loved eating ferns.The paralophasaurus were 9.5m tall and weight about 2.5 tons.They lived 76-65 million years ago.They are three species of paralophasaurus and they lived in North America.Paralophasaurus means "Near Crested Lizard". Para is used for short paralophasaurus.Paralophasaurus come in a variety of different colours and sizes.

Paralophasarus staring

Iquanas cousin


Iquanadons have 5 fingers and two clwas on the thumb and pinky.Iquanadons can kill small sized dinosaurs like veliceraptors,Deinonychus and troodon and it can even kill medium sized dinosaurs like ceratasaurus,majungasaurus and carntasaurs.Iquanadon means 'Iquana Tooth'The fossil first found for an Iquanadon fossil was 1834.Iquanadons are 10m tall and weight 3.4 tons. They lived in the jurrasic-cretaceous period and they can walk bipedal or quadrupedal.Iquanadons is a genus of dinosaurs known as ornithopods and were the first dinosaur to be found and named.



Tsintaosaurus has a colourfulcrest and battle each other for females.The species name "spihorhinus" refers to the spine like crest on its head.The first palentoligest was a chinese palentoligest.They lived in the cretaceous period.They weight 2.5tons and were 8.3 metres tall.They lied in asia and lived near lake shores.They lived in groups called heards.There crests were 40cm tall.The first fossil of a tsintaosaurus was in China.They lived between 76-83million years ago.They lved in a place called Asia.They tsked very care of they children and they usaually walked together and the heard protected the young ones in the middle of the herd.