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What CAN Happen In The Future?

As many people know, many animals are going extinct. The reason for that is mostly because the animals food population, or habitat is being threatened. Just like on land, sea creatures are being threatened to extinction too. Lets start on why fish, turtles and other forms of ocean life are in danger.

1. Pollution

As we all know, pollution is bad for multiple reasons, but why is it bad for the ocean life? For starters, the actual garbage that is being dumped on beaches or roads can get into the ocean. That garbage can then lead to the ocean where animals can eat it. The more pollution in the ocean, the more animals can die. If we don't stop this ongoing problem, by the year 2050, there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Yes, you read that correctly. The population of the plastic in the ocean can trump the population of fish in the ocean in 30 years or less. Another type of pollution is air pollution.

2. Global Warming

Rather you believe in Global Warming or not, there are still effects on it in th oceans. The warmer the planet gets, the less oxygenated the water is. As any other living organism on the planet, fish need oxygen to survive too. The less oxygen in the water, the less ocean life as well.

3. Commercial Fishing

Have you ever eaten fish, shark or even had turtle? Well, in order for these things to come from the ocean and into your belly, they have to be fished out of the ocean. Commercial fisherman are also paid for the fish they get, so that just increases the want for killing ocean animals. Since commercial fishing has increased so rapidly, more and more ocean animals are becoming extinct. All of this just for the want or need for money.