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How Can We Stop This?

Just because it is bad now, doesn't mean it has to be this bad forever. There are plenty of ways we can help to solve this problem for generations to come.

1. Recycle

The whole reason the trash and litter is even going into the ocean is through the garbage. If we do not throw garbage into the trash and recycle instead, there will be A LOT less pollutants to harm ocean life.

2. Use Eco-Friendly Products

For the garbage that is not biodegradable or recyclable, we could use eco-friendly products. There recently has been a lot of publicity about metal straws. The publicity about them is that they are a great alternative to plastic, and they last a lot longer. Other types of products like bamboo tooth brushes, reusable grocery bags, tupperware and much more are great alternatives for harmful plastics.

3. Use Bicycles

Cars and other vehicles like busses emit Carbon Monoxide, which, you guessed it, is bad for the environment. Gases like Carbon Monoxid are causes of climate change. In order to not use as much Carbon Monoxide, you can start walking or riding bikes which do not harm the environment. Even just driving your car less and riding your bike to more convenient areas can make a huge difference.