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Life Hacks

Why do you want to do this topic?

What is this topic about?

This topic is about hacks that may be usefull in your life.

That's a lifehack right there!It may be usefull in your life so go ahead,try it!:D

Maybe you spend too much time in the shower. You could avoid that by choosing a song to play while in the shower, and when that song is over, you have to get out.

This is the effect of how long you take a nap. Next time you go to take a nap,take a look at this chart

Wanna know a easier way to sharpen your pencil? Well try this out!

Do you think this actually works? Well go ahead and try this when a stuffy nose annoys you! You never know, this might come in handy when you need it to!

Ever find that your chargers are way too messy?

Well you may find this life hack usefull in your life so go ahead to the store and find some paperclips because you might want them for this!

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