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my favorite creepypastas

*warning very scary and sad stories ahead*

slender man

photo by Harem Malik CC-BY

Ok let me say this SCP's count as creepypastas

  1. the wailing woman
  2. This is a story of a woman drowning her children in a river in mexico. Now she is forever doomed to wander the rivers of mexico looking for her dead children.

  3. slenderman
  4. slenderman, where do I start? A lot of people think he is real, I do not. His origin is shrouded with mystery. And if you think he is real you are wrong.

  5. SCP 096 "shy guy"
  6. This is one of the few SCPs I am happy that it is not real. But it is one of the hardest SCPs to kill. But still the SCP foundation killed it a long time ago.

  7. SCP 682 "hard-to-destoy reptile"
  8. This reptile is impossible to kill. One of the most scary things about it is that it can eat its own flesh to regrow it. That is why it is a perfect candidate to fight SCP 096.

  9. SCP 001 name not known
  10. Sadly the name its is not told. I believe its codename is The Truth or The Gate Guardian I do not know. But it gaurds the Garden of Eden.